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Dermal Fillers Specialist in Miami

Dermal Fillers

Get Pretty Pouty Lips You Love

Say So Long To Sagging Skin, And Hello To Facial Fullness

Providing Patients With Natural Results Through Dermal Fillers

Miami is home to some of the best cosmetic treatments and procedures in America, yet few companies take the time to walk patients through the process. Here you’ll find information on Dermal Fillers, as well as what they do, what areas can benefit from the treatment, as well as what you can expect when you book with Glow Up By Vanessa.

Together, We Get To The Bottom Of This Beauty Boosting Treatment!

Then, you need Dermal Fillers in Miami!
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Glow Up Offers Dermal Fillers Customized Especially For You!

Dermal fillers require an expert injector, someone who knows how to create a natural look while still making a noticeable difference in youthfulness, symmetry, and beauty. 

  • Get Lovely Lips: Born with thin, uneven, or asymmetrical lips? With dermal fillers, you can get the precious pout you’ve always wanted! 
  • Go Ahead, Be Cheeky: As we age, we lose volume in our faces, which can lead to hollowed cheeks and jowls or sagging skin. 
  • Dermal Fillers revitalize our faces by increasing plumpness leaving patients with apple cheeks, more defined cheekbones, and an overall more contoured look.

At Glow Up, our NP Vanessa works with clients to help them achieve their unique goals, offering tailor-made solutions that work with the natural composition of the face, so patients leave feeling as good as they look.

  • smoothing out wrinkles
  • enhancing youthfulness
  • providing plumpness
  • Restoring Balance
  • Natural-looking results
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What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers are FDA-approved and a non-surgical solution for total skin rejuvenation. They are a temporary treatment where soft tissue filler is injected into the deeper layers of the skin, enhancing youthfulness by smoothing out wrinkles and erasing fine lines, or providing plumpness for the lips, cheeks, or wherever facial volume has been lost.

Brands we typically use:

              • Juvederm
              • Restylane
              • Radiesse
              • Sculptra
              • RHA
              • Versa

How Does Dermal Fillers Work?

If you are a skincare addict like us, you know that hyaluronic acid is one of the most essential components of a skincare routine as it refreshes, brightens, and revitalizes our complexions. This naturally occurring component softens the signs of aging and makes us look like our most beautiful selves. Dermal fillers increase the skin’s supply of hyaluronic acid by injecting a gel made from stabilized hyaluronic acid and collagen that’s both safe and highly effective. What’s more, Dermal fillers boost the efficacy of your skincare products combining their power for sensational results!  

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Why So Many Patients Love Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are well-loved by men and women of all ages as they are a customizable and versatile treatment. Fillers can address beauty concerns ranging from reducing sagging skin on the face due to age, facial asymmetry, thin lips, hollow cheeks, an overly round face, and more.

  • versatile treatment
  • Restore Volume
  • sagging skin
  • facial asymmetry
  • Plump It Up
A woman's face getting a Dysport injection procedure on her jawline.

What are Dermal Fillers used to treat?

Tired Of People Saying You Look Tired?

(Really, does anyone ever want to be asked that question?)

Dermal fillers can be injected into the under-eye area to minimize the look of “bags” and make patients look well-rested– even when they aren’t!

Smile Lines Making You Frown? After years of smiling, laughing, talking, and even eating, we start to see Nasolabial Folds lines form around the mouth. Dermal Fillers address this by adding fullness so that the skin looks smooth, supple, and soft.

Using Dermal fillers, we can create a stronger more pronounced chin which enhances the framework of the face making patients look slimmer, less round, and more aesthetically pleasing overall.

With Dermal fillers, you can smooth out the bump in your nose so that it appears straighter, thinner, and more suited to the rest of the face.

Let’s Get You Glowing

Let's Glow

Natural Results That Make You Look Totally Gorgeous

At Glow Up, we know that our patients don’t want to transform their looks entirely, they just want to look their very best. That’s why we specialize in providing patients with natural-looking results, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and facial folds while adding sleek definition contouring, and/or more full kissable lips.


Before & Afters

Things To Consider

Possible Side Effects

These side effects are such as bruising, bleeding, or swelling, it generally dissipates within 1-2 weeks, as they are temporary.


Clients can add filler if they want to increase fullness or even dissolve the filler if they don’t like their results.


This minimally painful treatment offers benefits ranging from plumper lips to better definitions and contour to smoother, more youthful complexions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dermal fillers FAQ

Patients can expect to see improvements immediately, and the results last from 6 months to 2 years. This depends on the patient, the amount of filler, and the type of filler chosen.

This is entirely dependent on the patient, the area being treated, and the amount of filler injected, so the treatment takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Generally, dermal filler injections take a matter of moments per area, we then consult with the patient to see if the desired look has been achieved and add additional filler if necessary.

We ensure that our patients are comfortable by applying a numbing cream beforehand. As Glow Up is run by Vanessa, an industry expert and Nurse Practitioner, our dermal fillers treatments are minimally painful, often only giving a sensation of pressure without any deep or severe pain.

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Have any additional questions or concerns?

Top Client Reviews

Simply the best! She takes her time, explains every step and makes you feel comfortable! I have the pleasure of being her patient and her student! She loves to teach and share her skills and techniques! You can definitely tell Vanessa loves what she does! Forever thankful! And she’ll keep me looking young and beautiful.


I have had the pleasure of receiving Vanessa’s diverse services. I have had my tox done with her multiple times, scheduled myself and my husband some fabulous facials for fathers day, and most recently embarked on my hair restoration journey via PRP using the secret RF. She is so gentle and knowledgeable. Guaranteed to have an excellent experience and fabulous results.


Vanessa is truly amazing, She’s professional and always answers my questions with love and respect. Whether it’s your first time or if you are already familiar with the various treatments she offers. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful experience & remarkable results with her!.

Jasmine F

I went in for tox and fillers for the first time almost 3 months ago. I have struggled with rosacea the last 4 years. No matter what I did the redness and swelling would not go away unless I took doxycycline. I noticed the last two months that my complexion has a normal skin tone and glow. I decided to google if tox and fillers help with rosacea and to my surprise I found an article that says it does help. I am beyond satisfied.


Vanessa is absolutely amazing. I was extremely nervous about getting my lip fillers and she eased my anxiety away and now I’m in love with my new lips and can’t wait to go back, I recommend her to everyone! 10/10 I promise.

Destiny Villarreal

Vanessa is nothing short of amazing! I am so glad I found her. She was patient, sat and carefully listened to what I was trying to achieve and has helped me achieve exactly what I wanted with little to no discomfort. The healing process is the easiest it has ever been for me no bruising, no lumps just pure plump! ♥️.


You have no idea how grateful I was for the music and the ‘Calm’ app and your gentle explanation. I’ve never had such a nice, informative, calm experience.

Jennifer G.

My experience with Vanessa was exceptional ! I felt super comfortable and at ease with her during my treatment . She was very informative and provided me with education and details every step of the way ! Last but not least this lady has such a gentle hand !!! No bruising or pain ! Definitely recommend her for all your aesthetic needs.

Jenn Roman

Vanessa is an amazing Nurse Practitioner injector I look up to. I recently had the pleasure of shadowing her during my training and I was very impressed by her knowledge, skills, patient interactions and professionalism. I definitely recommend her for any aspiring Nurse practitioner injector to learn more about aesthetics.

Valerie A., NP

After having a cyst removed from my chin 2 years ago, I would look at my chin and notice that loss of structure. I was very unhappy with the way that part of my chin looked. After having met with Vanessa and filling it with hyaluronic acid, I feel like no one would know.

Evelyn A.
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